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Blogging off

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated.  As much as I love writing long updates and sharing with everyone, it did take a lot of time.  I found I was just repeating the same information on Facebook.  … Continue reading

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Trip/Life planning and decision making

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Namely, I feel sorry for people who listen to our plans as they unfold and during our brainstorming processes. I wonder what insane hell they must think goes on in our … Continue reading

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So long since an update …

I’ll try to post more here! Just a quick update – we bought a farm in Serbia! It’s a great piece of land about 15 minutes outside Kragujevac. It has deep hand dug well that has the freshest, coolest water … Continue reading

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EU Roadtrip and beyond

So, we decided to head off to Europe with our van.  We headed straight to Budapest and found a place to stay for one night and then a more reasonable Best Western, no less, for an amazing price and gigantic … Continue reading

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Romania, Software Testing, Smuggling, Montenegro and waiting for our KIA

Seems the blogging coincides with our getting up and traveling. After an early return from Crete, we returned to Kragujevac to the worst winter in recent memory for them. An entire month of -25 degree weather in a 38 square … Continue reading

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10 things I’ve discovered after our first 36 hours of life on Crete

After a not-so-bad (yet horrific due to cigarette smoke) 15 hour bus trip, some time in Athens, and a fabulous trip on the ferry, the shake up in routine, lack of exercise or nutritional food caught up to us.  I … Continue reading

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