Our first real full day of rain! Today marks the 80th day on the road for us. It also marked the very first time on the road that we had a complete day of rain. It’s supposed to rain all week! I think actually this is a bit of payback for the continuous glorious days of sun we’ve had since departing in January.

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve been in rain and had lots of rain days, but, they never lasted the entire day. And when it did rain all day, we were moving from on place to another.

Perfect timing.

So, we’re all here in our Jayco, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain on the tent. There are very tiny water droplets forming on the underside of the tent fabric. I am thinking this is condensation – 5 people breathing in a space like this certainly produces water in the air, and we’re at 99% saturation here. So this air hitting the cool underside of the tent, voila – water droplets.

That’s the theory anyways. It better not be a leak!

Anyways,  we’re all tucked in here for the night. We went to Kennedy Space Center today, but more on that later!

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