Blog what? Various ramblings smooshed together in one blog…

So, I haven’t blogged in 16 days since the tooth incident in Galveston? Has it really been that long?! Yes indeed.  We shut down the blog for a bit of a break, and gave social media a rest as well.  I won’t go into the reasons, but I do like watching humans make drama out of nothing (including myself). We are really an odd species and funny things happen at different levels of Maslow’s heirarchy. It’s quite amuzing and I love watching it unfold. But sometimes breaks are needed as I feel myself being pulled in by the toxic gravitational pull other human bodies seem to have.  Don’t get me wrong – I have my own toxins, but I don’t need to be pulled in by other toxic beings – that’s for them to deal with.  I like the time away though because it gets me centered and lets me laugh about it again.

Back to mudakiller.  I want to start again with thanking every most awesome person we know and have met along the way.  I am blown away by how amazing each and every one of you are.  Your stories, your inspiration, and your wonderful spirits! I’m finding I’m losing track of the people we meet…some are only for a few hours, some a few days, but all are amazing.  I think I should start a picture roster or something with a name and a blurb with something that’s warmed my heart about each soul.  RVing is a really interesting community.  People are so sweet and willing to help any way they can.  Being raised the way I was, and then living on my own for my 20’s – a good portion of it in Toronto (the ‘big city) as a single female, suspicion is still in the back of my head.  I’m doing everything I can to clear it out of my system 100%, and this community has helped a ton!  They just give 🙂  And it makes me want to give so much too! I love love love it!

Recently we’ve been toying with sailing.  Not in the near future, but not too far off either.  We’ve met some people as well who have spent many years sailing.  We haven’t looked into it all that much yet, but it seems there’s quite a community there who also have children with them.  The paradigm I had of RV’ers and sailors being retirees is shifting.  Granted we are in the minority, but we’re definitely out there. It is neat having a pool of knowledge to call on, as well as gaining knowledge to help others in the future.

This life feels so right now. I watch the weekenders or springbreakers head home and I’m almost relieved to have the park back to ‘normal’ again.  It’s exciting when they arrive because there are always new people to meet and kids for the boys to play with, but they treat the parks differently and definitely have that ‘tourist’ feel about them.  They are here to escape and cram every bit of fun they can into the 48 hour period they have, so it’s quite rushed and whirl-windy when they come….slightly stressful.  It’s like they bring a bit of the city with them.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s great to have new friends arrive and I definitely love the people we’ve met.  The few weeks of spring break have been hectic in the parks and is definitely something that needs some planning for next time for us.

We’ve noticed differences between the west coast and east coast cultures.  The ‘in the now’ zen-ness of the west was very inviting and new to see on such a large scale.  Refreshing.  Also – there seems to be strange glances when in the grocery stores with the kids during a week days now.  That was never so on the west coast, but through the mid-southern states and here it’s been a surprise.  I suppose people plan their grocery outtings on whether the stores will be full of children or not – much the same as I plan walks and other events around making sure there aren’t any dogs around lol.  So, I get that 🙂

Since leaving Galveston, we had a few stops planned, but changed our minds and pretty much drove straight through to Orlando with a one night hotel stop in the middle.  A hotel was very strange to stay in for that one night.  We decided not to pull a one nighter in a park this once to avoid the set up and take down.  If we were in an A or C class, it wouldn’t be so bad, but we needed a break from the set up.  That part was definitely good.  The hotel experience after RVing was really weird!  It was very nice to get back to our beds and our home. 🙂

Orlando was ok – more specifically, we were in Taft for about four or five nights.  We stayed at my uncle’s and it was wonderful to see him.  We set up the trailer right on the property and settled in to the warm and sunny Florida weather.  We were near a Whole Foods again – heaven!  That was the second time since we’d left Cali that we came across a Whole Foods.  We did find one on the road a little ways before Florida…right next to an outdoors store that we bought our new Vibrams in 🙂  Our first pairs had finally given in (after almost 2 years of wear!).

When we came to the coast here, we couldn’t decide whether to head for the Keys, go to our favorite spot in Treasure Island on the Gulf side, or try and make the ocean side work.  Spring break was still upon us and places were packed.  We found a KOA in Mims just north of Titusville.  We’d never been to a KOA, but we were hard up for a spot and they had something open.  I’ll leave it at that.  RV resorts and state parks seem harder to find around here than on the west coast.  Even more odd is the fact that you can’t just pull over on a beach and camp!  Imagine that!?  Oh Cali – I do miss you!  Also, with the age restrictions of RV resorts (55 plus), and camper restrictions (no pop ups or older campers), we’re limited with where we can stay.  But, I came across Manatee Hammock just south of Titusville…near a Publix no less.  After a few weeks of having to purchase groceries at Walmarts, this was an amazing find!  Not only that, but it’s county owned and has an Ontario camping feel to it…an actual park as opposed to an RV resort that resembles a nice parking lot.  Trees everywhere (ok, palm trees….unlike Ontario, but trees none the less), wide open lots, right on the water!!, overlooking the Kennedy Space Center and Launch Pad 39A even!  This park is by far the absolute best one we’ve been to.  You are even able to (somewhat and almost) ignore the testing of automatic weapons at the company a few miles out that builds weapons for the military.  Almost.  This whole gun thing since we left California has also been a bit of getting used to.  And I’m ok with shot guns/rifles from my skeet/trap days, but the military shots took me back to Serbia in the 90’s.

Other than that, this park rocks!  It really is wonderful.  Apparently we just missed a nomadic family heading west with three boys as well.  It would have been nice to hook up.  The people here are very nice, and we’ve met some awesome Canadians here as well.   So, we’re here until the 19th.  We need to figure out where to park the van and trailer for that evening.  And we need a back up plan in case the launch gets scrubbed for a few days.  I’ll be working on that in the next little while.

In the mean time, we went to the space center today and the boys had a blast again.  There were Christie projectors everywhere and the boys were all excited about that.  Even the intro projector at the IMAX was Christie Digital.  We’ll be going back later this week to do the tour and see the shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad up close.  I cannot wait for that!

We’ve also nailed down our plans for Europe (June through December) and are very excited about it!  Ha! Which reminds me that I was supposed to secure the tickets this afternoon!  Eeek!  Looks like I have a task for the morning!

And with that palm slap to the forehead, it’s off to bed!  If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading!


P.S. Oh dear!  I completely forgot to mention the awesomeness of our friends from Twitter @foottools (John and Paula) who took us kayaking/canoeing down the banana river last week!  How AMAZING that was and we are completely in love with it again!  Torrin and Devlin both were in their own kayak and Caelin loved it once he got in!  I’ll add pix at another time 🙂

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3 Responses to Blog what? Various ramblings smooshed together in one blog…

  1. Marya says:

    Good to hear from you again 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found a nice place in Fla., and am excited for your European leg! We’re looking at a change of arrangements that would allow us to travel all summer (i.e. I teach full time and Scott cuts back, consulting or something… but not ready just yet). Browsing RVs online a fair amount tho. We’ll see. In the meantime, we’ll take tips from your travels! Love the surfing pic on your “headline,” by the way. Say hi to those great boys and Mike for us. Happy trails!

  2. vesnaworx says:

    Oh Marya! That’s awesome!! YAY! Please let me know what your plans are! I can’t wait to hear how it comes together! Very exciting :)) Let me know if you need any links, etc. for RVing! Kisses to all!

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