Pix from March and April

I haven’t labelled our pictures.  And since it’s been a while since I blogged with pix, I’m dumping them all here.  The first portion are of John and Paula taking us on kayaks/canoe down the Banana River 🙂  That was just amazing!  Then of course, there’s the boys catching and training lizards…yes the lizards actually stayed with them for a trip to the store.  There’s a couple of pix from our most amazing campsite right across the water from NASA, one of many Christie Digital projectors at the Space Center Visitor Complex, and me with my new doo.  Not lovin’ it, so I’m growing it out, but it’s much less maintenance and definitely cooler now that we are in lovely warm weather.

The second portion are of us visiting the Kennedy Space Center this time.  Seeing the Houston one only a few short weeks ago was just as awesome, although this one a little more so due to the shuttle being on the launch pad 🙂  Unfortunately, we could only see it from behind on the tour and from the side off a back road from the wild life reserve.  Today, the astronauts were doing a dress rehersal in the shuttle, so we didn’t get as close as we could have a day or so ago.

Today, the weekend crowd rolled in to the park. It’s a whole different world when the weekenders come in.  The kids are making friends with some really nice boys their age. I love seeing them play with new friends.  They’re pretty excited!

Have I mentioned that I am excited about the launch?  That I’m pretending I haven’t been dreaming day and night about everything NASA or Stephen Hawking related for the last 41 years?  Yeah I’m excited….I am however letting the skeptic take over….I wonder a lot these days.  The front that’s put on for the public…for the theme park experience….for the marketing. I wonder a lot about behind the scenes stuff.  Who’s footing the bills for these programs. And why.  I want so badly to believe all that wholesome stuff I used to.  If I did still believe all that, I’d be jumping out of my skin right now…barely able to breathe.  But I’m not.  I’m excited, but it’s different.  All in all, I am still excited…and seeing it out there on the pad is pretty awesome…even if we didn’t get to see it in all its glory.

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