Day Pass versus Yearly/Seasons Pass

I finally figured out how to describe what I’m feeling about this experience!  It’s the same feeling (on a larger scale of course) as getting a yearly/monthly pass as opposed to a day pass or a one time ticket. 

When taking a day at the amusement park, you want to get all the bang for your buck.  Chances are, you’re stuck going at a time when everyone else is on break.  You’re there when the gates open, and stay ’til the gates close.  You rush from ride to ride, attraction to attraction.  No time to soak it in, you just need to make sure you’ve hit it all before closing.  You’re anxious in the line ups because that means you’ll miss other stuff, and you don’t get to spend a long time in the areas you enjoy the most.

Same with the museum, science center, zoo and the like.  Same could also be said about the transit system – you buy your one ticket and you go where you need to go. No stops, no smelling the roses.

But,  you get a yearly/monthly pass and you can wander in at will.  You can show up during low season and stay for a half hour if you want.  You can show up and spend the whole day at one ride or one exhibit.  You can even discover areas you never thought you would have found interesting during a rushed one day pass – and find out you like them!  On the transit system, you can go to areas of town you’d never normally go to and visit far away friends more often.  You can take your time and enjoy the view.

That’s what it feels like. Exactly. The 1 week/2 week vacations….they were our day passes.  We now have a seasons pass and it feels soooo different from rushing through a place.  Meeting the locals, getting to know places we never never would have explored given the typical 2 or 3 week vacation. Ever!  It’s crazy!

Mike wrote about the shuttle scrub.  What he failed to mention is that we’ve met some NASA engineers and their families camping here at the park.  One of them said he’s emailed the astronauts and told them to suck it up and launch on the 19th.  It seems we are just waiting for the email reply.  I reminded him that we are Canadian and we own the ARM….that should speed things up a little.  He hasn’t responded, so I’m feeling like he’s not taking me seriously.  I really think that carrying a Canadian passport can surely make this happen.  We’ll see what we can do.  Stay tuned!


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