On the road again!!!

All packed and ready to go!!  It seems like it has been sooooo long (too long) without change!  Although, being here for this long has also been a blessing – we’ve learned a lot more about family, about life here, met some increeeeedible friends and kept up some just as incredible relationships, found many business opportunities, learned the language, taken karate and swimming lessons, gained weight….lost weight (and gained some again now on the final day hahaha!), learned about the system, applied for citizenship, learned more and more about history, and much much much more!

We are 8 days away from our 1 year nomadaversary!  And what better way to celebrate than to uproot and take off again!

We will write much more once we have reached our next generation!  We are getting on a bus in 2 hours and will see you again once we are settled in Crete!


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