10 things I’ve discovered after our first 36 hours of life on Crete

After a not-so-bad (yet horrific due to cigarette smoke) 15 hour bus trip, some time in Athens, and a fabulous trip on the ferry, the shake up in routine, lack of exercise or nutritional food caught up to us.  I had a teeeeeny bit of stress due to internet issues and a client call shortly after arrival.  It took a while to get the heat going.  And we discovered that food is incredibly scarce (and at least a good 30 min. walk to a small convenient store….read: not much food!) where we are.

This morning, however, after a great sleep, the place had warmed up, a work out, a green shake, a new router, and some decent meals, I am stripping myself of useless negativity and panic.

To help with that, I’ve spent some time on the beach and thinking of things I am thankful for and watching my boys play.  So, all things being equal, and having the most important two bottom needs met on Maslow’s Hierarchy,  some things I have learned and (re)discovered since coming here:

1. Salt water and sea air is an incredibly soothing (and healthy) giver of life.  After 6 months inland with nothing but car fumes and cigarette smoke, I am most incredibly thankful for this pure air in my lungs 🙂 (and my families lungs!)

2. I love water more than I can ever put into words.

3. I love looking out at the water and seeing nothing but water to the very edge of the horizon. It feels so free and open.

4. I am not at all a fan of diamonds, ‘precious’ metals/jewels, etc., but I am a *sucker* for a small smooth rock from the beach (pockets are now filled with them!)

5. My boys only need legos for indoor play and nature in the back yard the rest of the time. They are in *love* with the beach!

6. The sound of water meeting land is indescribably peaceful.

7. Although my peace is internal, I am very much intertwined with my environment and the water helps me tremendously.

8. Being in isolation is much more peaceful and wonderful than I ever would have imagined

9. I love everyone I have ever met and who is and has ever been a part of my life.

10. No beach is complete without used condoms and dog poop to steer the kids away from – yes….even in Crete!

Happy New Year to everyone!!  Much love to all!


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2 Responses to 10 things I’ve discovered after our first 36 hours of life on Crete

  1. Brenda says:

    Haha! Great post : ) I knew you would feel so good being near the water again! Sounds beautiful and peaceful. Can’t wait to see some pics! Xoxo

  2. *camp1899* says:

    hello you guys!! i just wanted to pop in and hello and happiest new year.. good to see you blogging again and happy one year anniversary of being nomads.. we recently passed our one year mark of being in the airstream (; just think we were all in san diego hanging out this time last year!! hard to believe isn’t it? xo, tiffany

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