Trip/Life planning and decision making

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Namely, I feel sorry for people who listen to our plans as they unfold and during our brainstorming processes. I wonder what insane hell they must think goes on in our brains. The look of stunned confusion on most peoples faces is priceless.

I thought it might be interesting (or at least incredibly amusing) to write out what our planning process is like. Beware – there is NO rhyme or reason here. It’s just a bunch of random tangents.

This process has been around for me forever. And we use it in all aspects of our life. It has significantly sped up with meeting Mike, and the popularization of the ‘internet’ – and most specifically, the iphone/smartphone. The day we bought our first iphones, Mike said they would completely revolutionize our life. I laughed at my techie and thought ‘how cute’…..I’m not sure how games and e-books will revolutionize our life, but ok πŸ™‚ We use our devices a million times a day and research everything and anything that comes to all 5 of our minds. We will follow 99% of our tangents until we exhaust our possibilities. We have noticed, that our process has sped up even more so since we’ve been on the road, and most especially in the last 6 months or so.

And before I start my manic point form list, I have to say how VERY thankful I am for Mike and the children for being able to keep up with these thought patterns and processes. Also, the very few friends of ours that completely understand how we work through stuff, and don’t get an aneurism from listening to us change plans by the minute. We are literally β€œall over the map”. Of course now, it’s physically, as well as psychologically πŸ™‚ I will share with you a thought/brainstorming process about our simple plans to go to Chile this winter. This has been the plan for a year now, without change.

-One day on a drive back to our place from visiting our land, I thought it might be a good idea to have an RV here. That way, we don’t have to rush into building the house. So I verbalize that.

-We wondered, and I researched while Mike drove. (note, this drive is only about 10 to 15 minutes long)

-Seems RV’s are cheaper here in Europe

-But, I don’t have my full citizenship yet, so can we even buy?

-They are cheaper in Germany, and more abundant there

-But can we buy without citizenship without taking it to North America?

-It would be good to have Canadian plates (reasons I will not list here)

-Suggestion made and agreed – Canadian plates it is.

-What if we saved for an RV whilst in Chile and purchased on in Spring when we got back to Toronto and then shipped it here?

-How much would shipping cost? (I send an email to the man who shipped our van for us for a quote)

-Wait – buying an RV in the spring is crazy – prices are higher and fall is when everyone is getting rid of them.

-Ok, so we buy in the fall and store it whilst in Chile

-Where do we store? It would be silly to purchase the RV, pay for it to be stored, and then pay for accommodations in Chile for 6 months.

-Wait – why don’t we drive it to Chile?

-Arrive home

-The two of us research the drive to Chile and people who have done it (this takes about 2 hours on and off between two of us)

-Found some incredible sites, guides and information about traveling through each of the countries in North, Central, and South America (including shipping through the Darien Gap)

-I start feeling a little panicked. Warning sign. This is a little more than I had bargained for – in terms of safety with 3 small children, and only 2 or so months to buy an RV and plan a trip down there.

-I voice this.

-We toss it around for about 5 minutes and I’m still a little panicked.

-I toss out that I would almost rather just drive back to San Diego for the winter.

-As we had previously agreed that we would not be heading back to the States, or Canada to do another road trip for a while, I was surprised to see Mike pause.

-That opened a door.

-Mike says YES! Lets do it, but this time, drive across Canada, and then down the coast and see everything we missed last time.

-YES! Agreed.

-Then he says we can still fly to Chile for a month to scope it out for next time. Flights must be cheaper from LA than from Toronto

-We check. Nope. Same price.

-I mumble Hawaii.

-Check tickets – WHOA! Way cheaper than Toronto.


-Plan finalized and detailing processes begin. Total time = approximately 4 hours.

A week later.

-Visit my friend Lily from Australia

-She is on the phone with her mom (who is in Australia)

-Her mom says β€œwhen are you coming”

-I have been back burner planning Australia for 2 decades now.

-I arrive home with Lily and pass on the comment to Mike.

-WHILE talking to Lily, Mike is researching Australia.

-I notice this and see the wheels are turning.

-Lily leaves.

-Planning for Australia begins.

-I wonder how much tickets are from Hawaii/LA to Australia (haha – I wasn’t remotely serious)

-WHOA! Half price?!

-What if we ship the RV from LA?

-How much would that cost?

-Or we can ship the RV to Europe until September and then ship to Australia?

-That’s scrapped – we don’t want to do two shipping rounds in one year

-What about purchasing, then selling in Australia?

-Research on that – prices are high and no guarantee of a sale at the end of the trip of course.

-Decide that the trip has to be a year in order to make either shipping, or purchasing worth while.

-Camping is super cheap/next to nothing, so that’s a no brainer for there.

-Ok shipping.

-We ship from LA and fly from Honolulu

-Then do not return to Europe until 2014

-This puts house building plans on hold for a year.


-Plan finalized and detail processes begin – total time = approximately 2 – 4 hours.


-Mike thinks of a glitch

-Our van will be in storage in a friends garage until April. Will he possibly be ok with us storing it longer?

-I send an email.


-Ok, we are on the hunt for another garage (no storage spaces in Serbia at all)

-Go through many scenarios quickly and yay or nay them all

-I say – not so bad to come back next year here with the RV as per original plan. We can wrap up what we want to build on the land (maybe just a garage for now) and have storage for the van when we’re gone. Then, save up for Australia for another year.

-I email our friend back to make sure that we can still have it until April.


-And we’re back to our original plan involving the RV.

-Kewl – plan finalized and detail processes begin. Total time = approximately 1.5 hours.

Also – we miss the heck out of mobile living. Hotels, hostels, home rentals, etc. are an absolute pain. Specifically when you have 5 or more. Almost everyone requires that you get a second room (which we have refused to do thus far), and it makes finding a place to stay, a lot more difficult.

I don’t know what shall become of this plan, but whatever it is, I am (as always) excited as heck to just get moving, and to dump all the STUFF that we have accumulated yet again. Sigh…..stuff really weighs me down mentally….

That’s it for now! If you’ve read this far, thanks for keeping up with the insanity that is our daily life πŸ™‚

Love and peace to all

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2 Responses to Trip/Life planning and decision making

  1. Min says:

    OMG ves I just read your blog for the first time and cracked up laughing! so I’m totally confused when are you coming to Australia lol!!!! The reason this blog caught my eye is because I think we do that exact same thing as you and Mike but when never look at ourselves in the mirror but are quick to judge others, ie I’m always stressed about Lil and Rus and the decisions they’re making but i never sit down and really concentrate and think about what the hell I’m doing and the fact that honestly ‘I’m all over the place’ so this blog was a great find thanks! I think I’m going to do a 12 month which will involve moving, travel, work whatever, might change the plan about 10 times before I do it πŸ˜‰

  2. vesnaworx says:

    Haha Min πŸ™‚ Certainly people go through this. I could be wrong, but I’m not so sure most “normal” people go through it so often, and so quickly. Otherwise, Mike and I wouldn’t be making so many people uncomfortable. Actually – WE are not making them uncomfortable. They are making themselves uncomfortable by projecting their fears and insecurities into what we do and how we do it – even though it does not effect them in the least! It seems to make people’s heads spin and they take it rather personally. It drives me crazy when it takes someone a very long time to make a decision I could have made in milliseconds. However, I understand that we have different ways/rates of processing and that’s fine. I’m a rip-off-the-bandaid kinda gal. The pulling it off slowly, hair by hair people are often bewildered and claim to think we have lied to them when our plans change. Yes yes, I made up an elaborate plan just to throw YOU off, because I have nothing better to do with my life, and you are so very important that I would make up a story completely tailored to you. WHAT? Yeah, no…..I change my mind – a LOT. And it has nothing to do with you whatsoever, so stop taking offence and find the passion in your own life πŸ™‚

    Anyway πŸ™‚ Australia *might* be September 2013. That is the solid (loose) plan we have right now. When are you doing your 12 months? RE Lil and Rus – I totally think you are correct. Our need to criticize and judge others is always a sign that we haven’t taken care of something in ourselves. Our bodies are full of signals and messages to us. Physical pain signals that we must take care of that area and heal it (not that we must take pain killers and use the area anyway!). Fear signals that we need to look inside and figure out why the fear, and reach for the exhilaration of moving past that fear. Judgement signals that there is something in ourselves that we don’t like, but have seen in others. At that point we should remind ourselves to stop the judgement and spend some time figuring out what we need to change or tend to in ourselves in order to calm this area.

    My interpretation of course πŸ™‚ But, that’s how I try to think about these things. It just feels right.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and I hope like heck to run into you in our travels – and SOON! πŸ™‚

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