Blogging off

Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated.  As much as I love writing long updates and sharing with everyone, it did take a lot of time.  I found I was just repeating the same information on Facebook.  I’ve decided I’m going to stick with micro blogging a la Facebook.  If you are up for finding out where we are and what we’re doing, please find us on Facebook, or message me on here and I’ll let you know how to find us.

Who knows, we might come back to the blog again, but for now, it’s just a whole lot to keep up with.

We are currently in Wisconsin, making our way east, then north (through to Calgary/Banff, etc.), then west to Vancouver and down through to California again.  We plan on spending the winter in Hawaii, heading back east and then back to do the European circuit for the summer.  That’s the tentative plan.  As you all know, we tend to change rather frequently.  We wear fickle with pride 🙂

Love and peace to everyone!

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